Sunday, June 15, 2014

Crazy Moneta

My latest (finished) garment from Colette is the Moneta pattern for knits. It's a nice, simple pattern and has some directions for the non-serger owning class of people.

I chose a ponte di roma print pattern from the Needleshop online... I've had hit and misses with shopping online but this was lucky. The print is super fun! The fabric is a bit thicker than I'd prefer, but as expected, very stable and works well in gathers. 

During construction, I used the directions for version 1, with a bodice lining... and I added the short sleeves from version 2. There were no explicit directions for how to handle sleeves on a lined bodice, but it was easy enough to figure it out.  For lining, I used a leftover lipstick red ponte di roma from my horrifically unflattering Colette Mabel skirt project. More on that maybe never.

For this garment, I changed the direction of the print between the bodice and the skirt, but it's not too noticeable. It might have been fun to do more directional changes... I'll try to remember that with my next exciting print!

I tried to use clear plastic for the skirt shirring but it was too weak for the ponte fabric, (Or I don't know how to use it properly), so I ended up using a regular piece of 1/2 inch elastic. It worked and feels fine.

My only complaint is that I can't quickly figure out which is the front and back of the dress. Each time I put it one, I have to look inside for the join in my elastic (I put it on the back). I should probably just mark the neckline and quit complaining... and for my next dress, maybe I'll lower the front neckline.

The Moneta on me - and my protesting dog. I try to get him in all my photos if possible.

If and when I do ever get a serger... I will clean up some of the seams inside, but for now they are okay left alone. I wore this dress all day yesterday, it was very comfortable and the bright colors made me happy!