Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chardon Skirt in linen

Pattern: Deer & Doe Chardon skirt
Fabric: Parson Grey Osaka Tin "Utility Linen"
Sizing: 46 straight cut, could be a little smaller next time.
Details & deviations: This is a very simple pattern- only a few cut pieces for either version. I choose the quickest version without a band at the bottom. I cut the skirt pieces long by about 4 inches, which is good because the high waistband pulls the skirt up and I adore skirts that end just below the knee.

I should have spent more time doing matching - the pattern on the outer waistband could be a little better.

The instructions were vague such as "finish seam" so I chose to bind all seams with some leftover pre-made bias tape. It looks very nice and neat inside and out!
The zipper is metal and 7 inches, shorter than suggested, but it works well.

Originally, I choose this fabric for Evan's next Negroni shirt, but he thought it was too itchy on the inside. It is a linen, a little rough, but not to bad for a skirt where the only contact will be the inner waistband until I sit down. So, no sitting and all is dandy.

I multi-tasked and used the photo sessions as dog training sessions.

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