Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hazel in a poppy print!

This is my second Hazel bodice... and it fits very well,  which made me see all the flaws of the first one (now being fixed).

I happily wore this dress all day yesterday with no problems! It was comfortable, no tugging, no adjustments; I even carried a lost small dog several blocks to my home without any strap or coverage failure. The dog, Gus, was properly tagged so I was able to contact his family. He had pink toenail polish on his back paws so I was not surprised when a woman with two little girls came to pick him up.


If only I could figure out the self-timer on my camera. :)

Pattern: Hazel bodice, with a skirt cut from the Deer & Doe Centauree pattern but with a zipper on the back, pleats instead of gathering and with pockets. (next time I'll just use the Belladone!)
Fabric: Poppy Passion in black from Hawthorne threads.
Cut & Size: Bodice is cut as a 10 with a 1.5" FBA, seams are 1/2 on upper bust, to 5/8 on the underbust. The side seams are sewed in (will cut next time) by an extra inch on top graded to the bottom on both sides. This fits my relatively narrow rib cage and tightens up any gaping that would otherwise occur.
The skirt was cut at the largest size (46) and folded in after with pleats to match the bodice edge.

The FBA with elongated darts works well in this lovely soft cotton. It is thinner than most quilting cottons I've worked with, very nice to touch. I lined the bodice with thin cotton jersey. The lining material is stretchy so I made it slightly smaller than the front piece. This worked perfectly and is super comfortable in the inside.

The skirt has four knife pleats in the front, and two box pleats in the back (ala Flora). The only thing I need to change is  that the pockets are slightly too high. They are functional, but might be more comfortable a few inches down.

Poppies and peonies are my favorite flowers!

Photo by Evan:

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