Tuesday, August 5, 2014

McCalls empire waist dress

Vlisco had a sale and I bought 6 yards of gorgeous fabric at half price... what to do... another dress!
(and what to do with the remaining 3 yards?)

Pattern: Mccalls M6554
Fabric: Vlisco wax print from their clearance sale, lining is navy cotton voile.
Cut & Size: 16 on top with a 2" total FBA graded to 20 at the hips.
Bodice cut with horizontal lines, skirt cut with vertical lines, panel is also horizontal.

Notes: It's a little loose but comfortable! The front pleat is sewed down several inches to open past the waistline. This is more flattering than popping out the panel above my stomach... and negates the severity of a true empire waist.

This dress is my second successful FBA (first was a colette hawthorn). I'd like to emphasize how much I LOVE knowing how to do FBAs. Forget the bust, it feels like my "back" is suddenly an understandable size. When I used to measure full-bust and cut for that, I always had crazy back problems, too long, too baggy, too wide, but now it fits! So awesome. Yay!

The back here is a little messy because I hadn't finished handstitching the lining to the zipper. That was done during a netflix binge and now it fits so well I am thinking of using the pattern for several other dresses in the coming months. 

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