Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tiramisu - Cake Patterns

I failed my first attempt with this dress... the gorgeous rayon jersey I had ordered from Grey's (Color: Mermaid's tale!) was too stretchy and lightweight for the full weight of the circle skirt. I had strengthened the shoulder seams for that purpose, (sewalong: "The weight of the dress hangs primarily from the shoulder seam- an extra line of stitching helps to create a smoother seamline.") but on my figure, there are too many protuberances for the dress to hang from that seam... after my shoulders, I have a bust. And a belly. And a butt. In reality, the dress hangs from the lower edge of the weak single panel waistband... Or do they mean while hanging on a clothing hanger? I suppose it will spend more time in the closet than on me... Too late. Next time I will add a double panel waistband.

I cut the skirt off- which made a cute knit peplum shirt!

Unfortunately, I calculated it with the weight of the skirt so after cutting, it bounced back up and now is a little short. I can only wear it with high-waisted bottoms or skirts. Oh well.

I am planning to install some elastic in the remaining circle skirt whenever I get my act together.

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