Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ochre Bruyère shirt

Yeah, so I couldn't wait more than an afternoon to begin on my second make of this gorgeous pattern...

It's relatively quick to make, just lots of steps, pressing, little pauses, and panics. The instructions are weird for a beginner, but I'm used to them now. They must be read carefully, no skipping! Important steps like sewing the side seams of the sleeves are 'hidden' by being the last sentence right before an attention-getting illustration. Anyways, it took me two evenings to complete it... with buttons! I cut this out at the largest size, 46, so that I'd have the ease missing from my just barely fitting poppy version. It fits much more loosely, but still nicely defines the waist.

Pattern: Bruyère from Deer & Doe
Fabric: Spirodraft voile in Ocre. Inspired purchase after seeing this lovely shirt on the Christina Haynes blog... it's a lovely soft, silky, buttery voile from Art Gallery Fabrics (Aside: Westminster also makes a lovely soft voile... most others are stiff or crisp. I love the soft ones!) 
Cutting & Size: 46 with FBA.
Constructions note:
Every seam is french seamed! Including the armscyes... not as hard as I thought it would be. The result is "impeccable" (as described in the instructions).
The fabric print is extremely forgiving of crooked top stitching. :)
I kept the box pleats stitched down a few inches from the waistband to avoid premature butt puff as with my other shirt. I think this works well for me. The waistband is a bit loose, I might try taking it in on the side seams, but only after wearing this for a day or two to get a real judgement on the fit.

Next one? I have a beautiful blue paisley print... 

I wore this for a day in the office. The fabric is so soft and wonderful but it is definitely too big. Maybe a 44 will be perfect!


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    1. Thanks! It's very comfortable. I'm planning to make several more for the fall/winter!