Thursday, November 20, 2014

Autumn Moneta

 I made a new Moneta for the autumn... I want a busy print to wear under simple solid cardigans. 

I did all the construction with my new serger and it took a few hours, tops. So happy! My other Monetas were made with a regular machine, not too hard, but not as easy as this one.

The bodice is lined and the sleeves are 3/4. I haven't cover-stitched them yet, they don't bother me unhemmed... knits are wonderful that way.

The fabric is a ITY jersey knit, very stretchy. I used elastic for gathering the waist but then cut it off when the bodice was too long (now it's too short! oh well). The result is a slightly loose waistline... but that's great for the upcoming holidays. :)

Pattern: Colette Moneta
Fabric: ITY Maggie London print from Grey's Fabric (sold out)
Size: Large at top, graded between L and XL to the hips for extra fullness.
The bodice front is cut 1.5" lower than the pattern, and the back is cut slightly higher. It drives me crazy when I can't easily tell which is the front and back. Now when I hold it by the shoulders it is obvious. I guess I could put a tag in too.


  1. So pretty, love the fabric. And yeah, add a name tag, you're proud of your makes, so put your label on it ;)

    1. I'll have to make (or order?) labels! Do you make your own?

  2. I LOVE it! Can't wait to see it in person :) Which reminds me, I should work on my moneta-in-progress this weekend! Also, the grey striped wrap thing you gave me last weekend matches perfectly with my grey moneta... I can't stop wearing them together!