Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Printed Denim Moss skirt

I made this skirt months ago! Then I set it aside, making and wearing dresses most of the summer. Now that it's getting slightly cooler, I enjoy wearing separates again... It's nice to have a fun denim skirt ready to go.

It was my first fly zipper! I was very excited it worked out. I had a hard time with the instructions, but it came together after some head scratching and viewing other fly zippers. I had to steam and press the fly after using too stiff interfacing. It's a little puffy above, but has improved over time and wear (and steam pressing).

The skirt fits very well, sitting below the waist without causing any muffin top. Thank goodness.

Over the weekend- this skirt is only getting better with time. Plus, my first Plantain!

Pattern: Digital print out of the Moss Skirt from Grainline Studios
Fabric: Out of stock- Italian Printed Denim from Mood Fabrics
Size: Cut between a 14 and 16.
I added the lower extension band  to a length I prefer. I made the skirt back in the day when I was afraid to do major changes to a pattern. Now, I would simply lengthen the skirt rather than add a band around the bottom.


  1. Love the print! I'm a sucker for anything damask. <3

    1. I'm sad they sold out... so many other things to do with gold printed damask denim.