Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Burgundy wool Dahlia...

I made this dress out of a lovely soft wool, hoping for a winter dress with leggings.

Unfortunately, I found it unflattering. Whether it is the fabric, the dress style or combination of the two, it's not a dress I will wear. I am very short waisted with a large bust and this was exaggerated by the wide waistband and bust gathers. Also, I choose the skirt with gathers which puffed out immediately after the waistband without drape (short waist = sudden hips). I should know better... I always prefer higher waists. Maybe the gored panel skirt would have been better? Meh, I'll just make another Anna!

Luckily, it looks wonderful on my sister in law. She is longer- waisted with slimmer hips so the waistband fits well and the skirt drapes nicely. We both found the neckline to be enormous, required major darts to fix it.

Pattern: Colette Dahlia
Fabric: Donna Karan Wool from Mood Fabrics
Size & Cut: 12 Bodice to 14 waist and wider hips.
No FBA, the gathers gave enough room for my bust (D cup). The waistband nicely pulls in on my underbust, which is the narrowest part of my body... but I'm looking way too busty from the front.

The raglan sleeves pull down, making the neckline pull down over the shoulders. It looks weird... I've seen it in other versions that people have made, a sort of baggy/pointiness over the shoulders.

I made huge darts in the back bodice and back sleeve seam to compensate for the baggy neckline, but that shortened the length of the sleeves.


  1. Och, aye, I'm a little disappointed with this pattern, Colette showed such lovely examples, but whenever some sewer tries to recreate the dress, it usually ends in "tears", and I was really looking forward to making this dress, Menno,
    I sadly have to agree, it is unflattering on you, it emphasizes your bewbs and not in a good way.

    1. You should see the other photos! :) There maybe changes I can make to improve the dress, but I'm not going to do the work on this one when there are so many other patterns I'd like to try.

    2. I just think it must be designed for a different body type as the pattern photos all look awesome, but yet when someone makes it, it just doesn't turn out the same. :/