Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Violet in Violet

Wow, I really do love this pattern! It's so quick and easy to make... It took just over two hours to cut and construct in one evening. It would have taken less time, but I finally decided to be brave and reconfigure my serger from overlock to coverstitch to finish the hems. (I was too lazy/scared to do that with my star trek version so I used a double needle on my regular machine.) The result is much, much better. And, bonus, I'm far less scared of my serger now so next time it won't take more time.

Coverstitch vs. Double needle stitch comparison:

So, I did screw up the front neckline near the gathers, but I hope it is not too noticeable. It's really hard to unpick (and redo) a serged seam! I think I'll remove and redo the plastic and zig zag stitching to compensate. (the zig-zag stitching is the ONLY stitch from my regular machine.)

The fabric is an inexpensive polyester matte jersey from Joann Fabrics. This was the first time I worked with it, and with stretch lace! Both were super easy to use, but they had less stretch than the bamboo knit I used previously. The waistline is noticeably higher; with a thicker knit, it might be worthwhile to lengthen the bodice... luckily, a high waistline suits my short torso most of the time.

It also fits a little snug on the arms, and the lower back so I will cut a slightly larger size when I use matte jersey again.

 The finish of the matte jersey is very nice. I read that it is called a "dry hand." I might invest in some of Mood Fabric's more expensive rayon matte jersey now. Oh... wow, I want to color block with the three warm colors! Mmm. So pretty.

Pattern: BlueGingerDoll Violet pattern
Cut & Size: 14
Fabric: "Blackberry" Matte Jersey from Joann's, Stretch lace from
The stretch lace portion used less then .25 yards of fabric. The bodice needs to be sized up with matte jersey, plus add some length.


  1. I'm still in awe of your Star Trek version, but I really love your second version even more, especially the lace at the back is pretty neat. And wow, what a difference a coverstitch makes, it looks great, you must have a great serger, if it can do both, I'm so jealous right now ;-)

    1. Thanks! The serger was my combined christmas and birthday present. It's the pfaff 3.0 coverlock. It's really great so far, and I'm still learning.
      To be fair to the double needle stitching- it was on a softer/stretchier fabric than the matte jersey so that could be part of why it looks wonky.

  2. That is so gorgeous! I love the lace details. :)

  3. What a pretty dress. Love the lace detailing.

  4. Where did you get the plastic for the seams/gathering? I can't find it anywhere! Does it have a specific name?

    1. Hi- It's called clear elastic. There's plenty on -
      I think I bought some from here too:
      Good luck!