Saturday, January 3, 2015

A shirt for Aaron

After success with a dragon shirt, I made my youngest brother a shirt from the awesome McCall's 6044 pattern for his birthday. It's such a simple, easy to adjust, well fitted design.

 I used a cotton poplin from L'ouiseau fabrics upon recommendation from my other brother... he said it would bring out his blue eyes- and that the kids these days liked looking like a grandmother's tablecloth. Our own grandmother thought it was feminine and expressed vague outrage that would have been more effective if she didn't express vague outrage over almost everything that is not British. Ah, grandma. I'm going to try and make her a shirt out of the remnants.

I considered this a potentially wearable muslin anyways, to test out his size. The medium fits well in the shoulders but it was too long for his taste. Luckily, I could hem it right away on my sister-in-laws machine to the length he likes, about 24", no shirt tucking for him. The above photo is pre-length adjustment.

I made the shirt on a weekend before the holidays whilst in the middle of moving houses so my sewing room was a bit of a mess; but I had no choice because I wanted to get it to him before his birthday. I am still arranging things to my liking so it will be a bit longer before I complete anything else.


  1. "Kids these days like looking like a grandmother's tablecloth." Haha :) Glad he's happy with it!! That fabric would make an awesome dress. I guess I like looking like a tablecloth or a couch, too! :)

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    2. Heh, there's more for sale! I want to see what you make with it! :)
      I bought it during a discount period, (they announce them on their facebook page, ) but it's not too pricey for the quality at the regular price.
      It is a very nice fabric- all the stenzo poplins are nice and sturdy without being too stiff.
      The delivery from Canada is longer than the usps, but it's worth the wait.