Sunday, January 11, 2015

Print placement - planning for a Kim Dress

After seeing some gorgeous versions (and excellent pattern reviews) I am excited to make the  Kim dress from By Hand London. 

I'm planning to make variation 2 with the full skirt. The pattern is at home, but I'm in a hotel - all weekend and next week, with only my laptop and photoshop... Print placement fun. This is the first time I've used photoshop for sewing ideas. Maybe not a bad idea in the future.

So, here it is! My ideal Kim dress minus the pintucks.

I just ordered the amazing Vlisco print above... I was planning to use a different print with a border, but I am completely enamored with this one. I hope it arrives at my home before I do.

I based the bodice shape selections on a lovely flickr photo by Idle Fancy. (By Hand London's technical drawing is not realistic.) Then, I overlaid the selections on a rotated jpg of the fabric from the vlisco site, moving them around to try different alignments. I like the stripe mismatch between the center front bodice and the sides. I'm not an expert at this so it's a little wonky.

 For the skirt, I doubled the vlisco image,  and used the transform, warp option to narrow one edge. I can't mimic the folds of the gather, just the effect.  The fabric is about 45 inches wide so from waist to hem, whilst the pattern finished measurements are 23.5 inches. Sad! I would so love to get the full edge... I can certainly lengthen the skirt by 5 inches or so, but more than that might get too formal or drag on the ground!

Maybe I'll cut out the bottom edge and add it as a band on the edge of the skirt like this:

We'll see once I get back to my scissors. :)

UPDATE! Months later...
The red triangles are just too big to be oriented on the bodice as such, so I cut it on the same grain as the skirt.

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