Sunday, February 1, 2015

Green means go!

After the move, my sewing room (and home office) is mostly in order. There are still a few more things to fiddle with (oh, how I love craigslist) but I've decided to start sewing and see what changes I want to make after spending some time actually working. Time to start, enough preparations.

The household move had me re-arrange my equipment/stash, but it also made me go through all my unfinished garments and experiments!

I found one bodice that I'd made after my butterfly dress, using that pattern is a basis for extending the side seams into shoulder straps (the original pattern has separate strap pieces) and creating a sweetheart neckline (months before the Kim dress was introduced!).

The fabric is a beautiful vlisco java print, purchased during some discount event when I decided that I didn't have enough green in my life.