Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sophia / Belladone in a vlisco print

My first Sophia was successful enough so I decided to make another one after work out of some of my favorite fabric, but with a slightly fuller skirt (for bike ride-ability). Vlisco wax prints are stiffer than the soft chambray I used before, so the bodice is slightly more structured which turned out better. The wacky print hides the angled darts, but the fit and shoulder strap shaping is just so cool, it doesn't matter. 

I cut the bodice with the adjustments from my "wearable" muslin; shorter shoulder straps (slightly wider at the armpits for better bra coverage) adjusted side seams, 1/4 seam allowance at center bust, slight angling in on the back zipper seam to pull it flat at the top against my back AND.... a 2" swayback. So guess which one I messed up?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dog pillow

After Barnaby destroyed one pillow cover, I made a new one with extra reinforcement on all seams and corners. I hope it lasts a little longer with my bored dog (he's been on restricted activity during recovery from a knee surgery... hopefully he'll be less critical of my decor once he's able to run around like a dog again)

1/2 yard of Dog themed linen from Grey's Fabrics.
18" square pillow with invisible zip.