Saturday, April 11, 2015


I made wearable muslin carolyn pajama bottoms. The "wearable" part is a lucky break because I failed to turn off the scaling when I printed the PDF and the whole thing was printed smaller than it should be...  I only noticed after I had cut and taped it with the last of my tape. (Every single PDF pattern will warn you of this occurring, but I failed to heed...) I planned to use the largest size 16 anyways, so I "guessed" at the scaling problem, and added a solid inch around the whole thing. This appears to have worked!

I love the pockets!

(I made a variation of the Colette Sorbetto with what was left for a matching top.)

The pants fit, not well, but they do fit and are comfortable enough for sleeping and around the house.  I like the slightly tapered legs vs the disasterous Tofino pants I made last year. The poor fit appears to be entirely my bum, everything else seems fine. I made a very wide waistband after my first try-on with the pants when I realized that the fabric barely made it up my backside.

The wide waistband works in the back, but I should have narrowed it in the front where it bags up... also, more tapering/grading toward the waist would probably help too.
So, for my next muslin,  I will be making my very first ever Full Butt Adjustment.


I still have to make a test for the PJ top... which I haven't printed yet. It will be to scale!


  1. I recently made my first full bum adjustment to a skirt and it's amazing the difference it's made. No more skirts that hitch on my bum and hang shorter at the back! There wasn't much in the way of tutorials out there for doing it on skirts - I imagine people often cut larger to match full hip measurement and do a sway back alteration.

    1. Yes! I've often been shocked at the amount of swayback I have to deal with... but it could be the lack of a full bum adjustment. I will try it on my next fitted skirt as well as these pants. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!! Unfortunately, it's a little weak, or I'm too rough in my sleep. A tear had developed along the fake fly front. :( I should be able to repair it but I'm surprised it happened so fast.