Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Square skirt with hem tucks

A woman at my local high-end fabric store gave me the idea to make this fluffy maxi skirt.

She was wearing a long skirt with interesting details and when I asked about it she cut out a piece of paper to show me how to make it "freehand," no pattern necessary. Below is the "square" with the waist cut out and a rectangle added under my dog's nose.

The square is the size of the fabric width, with rectangles added to each edge, then sewn into points to create tucks that can then be tacked up.

First you make a square, then fold it into quarters and cut out the waist to your specifications. I cut larger than my waist so I could pull up the skirt over my hips. Miraculously, I made almost a perfect circle!

I used my overlocker to stabilize the fraying waistline, gathered the edge and stitched it to a very wide piece of elastic for the waistband.

The fabric I used was so wide, at 60" that the square corners almost touched the floor before I put on the rectangles. I think a narrower fabric might create higher, more visible and interesting tucks.

I measured out my rectangles to be 60" by 12" and sewed them on along the edges of the square. Next I stitched their short edges
together at the three point corners. This created length that did drag on the ground, so I took each three point corner angle and tacked it up 12" inside the skirt.

The hemline is fashionably uneven, but not as extreme as before the tacking up. The fabric is very lightweight, but the whole skirt is heavy. I think I'll eventually make another one out of a floaty fabric like linen.  It's fun to wear a long swishy skirt sometimes!

Standing still:



  1. Could you say more about the rectangles and the square? I don't understand how you add on the rectangles

    1. Sorry about that... I'll draw a diagram. Four rectangles are sewn to each edge of the square. Then, the short edges of the rectangles are sewn together making a three point corner.