Thursday, June 25, 2015

Octopus pjs

For my second pair of Closet Case Carolyn PJs, I used octopus printed lawn from Cotton + Steel, purchased from Harts. It is glorious. I ordered only one package of dritz pre-made piping, which isn't enough, so only the top collar, sleeves, pocket and pants pockets have the piping inserted.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Red clover

On days that I know I have to ride my bike somewhere, I find myself reaching for my clover dresses more than any other type. It's such a simple dress; pullover, loose sleeves, fluttery skirt. It makes an excellent riding (and presentable after riding) dress. My other dresses with fitted bodices are just not quite as comfortable on the bike... the waistline will pull up or down and I've typically made the back bodice fit well when standing or sitting, but not when leaning forward with my arms engaged. It's doable, but not as effortless as the Clover dress with no waistline, and raglan sleeves.

So I made another. I used my favorite Brussels washer linen, and some embroidered silk as an accent for the front details. I added tabs to turn up the sleeves and sewed the buttons through instead of making buttonholes. This may be bothersome when layering over the dress, but I love the look of it.

Monday, June 15, 2015

B&W combo

Last week, I made a skirt from a pattern from my stash, the Butterick skirt pattern, B5929. I made view A, with pockets and without a visible waistband. The front pleats are very pleasing, and it is great to have a good pattern for border print fabric.

Skirt front with pleats and pockets:

I'm not as happy with the back pleat arrangement, it gets a little puffy on either side of the zipper. I will probably change it on my next skirt.  For this one, I did not alter the pattern other than to add about 4 inches to the length so it ends just below my knees. 


Next, in an attempt to make more loose pull-over layers to wear over dresses, I made a StyleArc Hazel shirt out of a nice black rayon jersey and some stretch lace. I used all black on the front... my dresses and skirts typically have so many colors and patterns that a solid color top is a relief. :)

I sewed on the sleeve extensions, but I found that the sleeve length pulled down too much at the armpits. I cut off the extensions, turning them into hem bands. The sleeves no longer pull down, making the shirt far more comfortable. Oh, and I stitched down the facings along the neckline. It's not perfect, but I think a wash and pressing will fix the slight puckering.

From the back:

The shirt length is too long for me, pooling at the waist where the hem band stops at my hips. On slim hips, it might hang, but that's not how I am built, and that's not how one orders patterns from StyleArc. They come in one specified size; good for one-sized people, bad for wildly disproportionate people like me. I ordered the shirt for my upper bust measurement, planning to put in a FBA, but the bagginess makes one unnecessary.  For my next shirt, I will shorten the front panel by at least three inches before adding the hem band.