Thursday, June 25, 2015

Octopus pjs

For my second pair of Closet Case Carolyn PJs, I used octopus printed lawn from Cotton + Steel, purchased from Harts. It is glorious. I ordered only one package of dritz pre-made piping, which isn't enough, so only the top collar, sleeves, pocket and pants pockets have the piping inserted.

For the pants, I did my first ever FBA, Full Butt Adjustment, and it worked! They fit so much better than my first pair which dipped down in the back and required an extra wide waistband to compensate.

I did not make any changes to the top because it is designed to fit generously. I did stitch down the placket between the top two buttons to make the shirt a non-gaping pullover. It fits well with the stitchdown. 

I wear these a lot!

To note - My previous pair of PJ pants ripped right at the bottom of the faux fly while I was jumping over a low fence  (dog barrier) to water my garden. Yes, I do this in my pjs, first thing in the morning.  The fabric was too delicate and I think the lack of room for my butt put undue stress on the crotch. My octopus pjs are much sturdier and I've had no problems watering my garden in them.


  1. You have made really cute pajamas! I have just bought a nice pair but maybe I should sew some with long bottoms for winter? Thank you for explaining the need for a FBA, I would need that, too! SaSa

    1. Hello! Yes, the long bottoms are good for winter! They are nice and tapered, so they don't flare at the ankles, such a great pattern. I used the tutorial from Colette for my fba and some illustrations from a book I have, to add about in inch. It really helped!