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Another city, another blog...

In 2013, I moved to Santa Barbara from the city of Leiden in the Netherlands. I'm not sure two places could have more dissimilar climates. In the cloudy, rainy Netherlands, I had maintained a blog about my favorite activity: cycling! I tried to keep it up in sunny California but unfortunately, it is not much fun here *for me* in Santa Barbara. It's too hot, much too sunny and too spread-out. Either you go up a mountain, or you get to cycle alongside a highway without any cover, lucky if there is an unshaded bike lane. Also, I have a dog now and he makes sad eyes whenever I leave him. So... I had to find other things to do that keep me busy, my dog happy and my health skin cancer free. I've taken up sewing again!

I used to sew before I moved to the Netherlands (here's my machine under a home-sewn cosy), and back in high school I ruined a dress and perhaps a sewing machine or two. At present, I'm taking it more seriously and learning new techniques and I'm so excited about all the indie pattern companies!  It's a challenge for me to be patient, my impulse is always to be fast and make stuff up as I go along. I am using this blog to keep track of what I make to try and be slightly more methodological than usual... Let's see how that goes!

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