Lessons learned

I am pear-shaped.

Rayon is awesome.

Belts are awesome!

Crappy photos might be worse than no photos at all. 

Matching thread will improve everything. Buy new thread with each fabric purchase.

Bamboo is lovely!  

Modal fabric pills and is yucky after a few washes. It will make me sad.

Most quilting cotton has terrible drape, the end result will always be stiff and disappointing.

FBA, FBA, FBA! Do it! Measure for high bust, cut according to that size and add a few inches via FBA. It will magically fit without a terrible baggy back! 

Cotton lawns and voiles are lovely but comes in varying qualities from different manufacturers.

Use the full seam allowance if you ever want to make the same garment again with any accuracy.

Place the pattern piece under tracing paper and trace. Duh.

My brother loves crazy quilting cotton prints for his Negroni shirts. Nothing is too tacky.

My husband is conservative in his shirt material choice. He wants neutral colors and a soft hand.

A decent ironing board and iron makes a huge difference! The cheapest POS iron- used on top of a folded towel- is not what you want.

Lapped zippers are cool!

Peach skin polyester is a marketing ploy for artificial, icky fabric.

Yes, make a muslin.

If you don't want to wear it the day after you made it, it might never get worn.

Maybe you shouldn't buy fabric without an idea for what you'll make with it.

Swayback is not a deformity. It means you have a big butt.

Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you have to buy it.

Take criticism lightly, improve what you can and try to ignore the truly mean people out there. 

Yes, even the tiniest 1/10th of an inch means that the scaling of the PDF is off and you will have a disaster on your hands. 


  1. Haha! I love this! Tell me though why you love rayon? Am I just getting bad rayon? I want to love it but I find it not breathable, shrinks like crazy, and pills. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Annie! I was always suspicious of rayon so when I had good luck with Kaufman's Brussel Washer Linen (A linen/rayon blend) and a few different rayon challis materials, I was very excited. I always wash and dry it before I sew, no problems with shrinkage. After a garment is made, I may line dry it. Challis seems breathable and is so drapey/flirty, it's nice on hot days... Oh- and I just got a great jersey rayon for t-shirts... better recovery than plain cotton. Are you using a different weave?

    2. Thanks for the response! Maybe I'll give it another try. My bad experiences have been with rayon jersey from the craft type fabric stores (so no surprise there) and then pretty much every RTW rayon garment. Maybe I'll order some from A Fashionable Stitch or some other shop that curates a top notch selection of fabric. Then I should be guaranteed to be working with quality stuff!